You are planning a trip to Romania and you are not sure where to book your accommodation in Bucharest? You are deciding between a hostel, a hotel, an apartment or other options? Today, we have some arguments for you to choose a hostel for your staying in Bucharest.

The atmosphere

If it is not your first time in a hostel, you probably already know the great atmosphere most of the hostels have. It’s because of the international guests that are very open minded and open to new friends and chatting and telling stories. At BOOK-A-REST Hostel in Bucharest, we create the context so that you can hang out with other people in out back yard, in the common kitchen or lounge, in the pub, we go out together, we make movie nights and all kids of other fun activities.

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The price

Let’s face it, staying in a hostel is cheaper than any other type of accommodation. This way, you save your budget for other experiences and more traveling. Check out the prices for accommodation in Bucharest at BOOK-A-REST Hostel here.

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The new friends

What most of our guests have in common is that they all want to explore the city, to meet new people and to share stories. Having this in mind, it’s easier to meet new friends and connect with people from all over the world.


The activities

We organize all kinds of activities and theme nights so we can all have fun together or just relax. All you need is to want to participate to our movie nights, game nights, beer nights and… just come stay with us and find out for yourself.

The safety

BOOK-A-REST Hostel in Bucharest offers lockers and luggage rooms and 24/7 reception so you can feel safe all the time you spend here with us. This way, safety is not a problem during your trip to Bucharest.

The staff

It’s not us who’s saying it. Our guests say it all the time when they leave a review about BOOK-A-REST Hostel in Bucharest on TripAdvisor: the staff is very friendly and helpful. Therefore you will get all the support needed during your staying in Bucharest. Come meet us.

The privacy

You might think that staying in a hostel is not a very private experience but at BOOK-A-REST Hostel in Bucharest all the dorms have private bathrooms, lockers. Also we have private rooms for one, two or four people – all with private bathrooms. Check out some photos here> photo gallery.

Why choose BOOK-A-REST Hostel

Located 900 meters away from the Old Town of Bucharest, BOOK-A-REST Hostel offers you comfortable accommodation in Bucharest. BOOK-A-REST Hostel in Bucharest has private rooms and dorms with private bathrooms, fully-equipped kitchen, inside and outside common lounges, a partner pub in our yard. For you to use while you enjoy your staying in our hostel in Bucharest, the WIFI is free and available throughout the rooms and common areas.