Traveling is great for us because we get to discover new places, new cultures and customs, types of food, people, we get to relax and get rid of the day-to-day stress. On the other hand, while traveling, we tend to splurge and break the rules about healthy food, sleeping hours or alcohol drinking. “I only do it while traveling”, we often say to ourselves but sometimes these bad habits ruin our trips. Here are some tips for staying healthy while traveling, even while staying in a hostel.

Visit the local markets

Visiting the local markets is a good way to meet the locals, to see what goods they are selling and, most important, this is a good place to buy fresh and not-so-expensive food. Go during the mornings, buy some fresh meat, veggies, fruits, dairies and cook a healthy meal in the common kitchen of the hostel.

Explore the city walking

Maybe you do not have the time or mood to work-out but walking while traveling is a great way of discovering the city, saving money and staying fit. While you walk, you get to see the city better, to actually feel the vibe and enjoy everything around

Get some sleep

While partying all night long sounds interesting when going to a big night life city like Bucharest, do not miss many nights of sleep as it might affect your health. Take the time to rest and sleep whenever you get the chance and do not miss on at least 6 hours of sleep every night.

Stay hydrated

Do not forget to always carry a small bottle of water with you when you travel because staying hydrated is very important for your health, specially while traveling a lot. In Romania, drinking water is very cheap and you can buy from any corner store.

Always drink responsibly

When coming to a city like Bucharest, you will notice that the night life is a big thing here and the alcohol is very accessible. Anyway, drink responsibly while partying and take care of yourself and your health. Also, keep in mind that drinking alcohol in public is not allowed in Romania and you can get a fine if caught.

Basic first aid – do you know it?

It’s always useful to know some basic first aid while traveling, for your and for your travel partners. So study the basic rules and be prepared with a first aid kit in your luggage.

Always have a travel insurance

Never go on a trip abroad without a travel insurance. It’s very cheap and easy to buy but it can save your life and budget in case anything happens.

Protect your skin

Even when you are traveling  during low-season or in cities, do not forget to protect your skin. Use a sun-block lotion with UVA and UVB filter in order to be sure you will not get a sun burn.

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