There are many things that people do not know about hostels and there plenty of questions we receive. This is how we decided to reveal some stuff that not everybody knows about staying in a hostel in Bucharest.

Hostels are not only about bunk bed dorms

If you want more privacy but still want to enjoy the hostel atmosphere, book a private rooms (double or family). At BOOK-A-REST Hostel in Bucharest we also have private rooms for one, two or four persons, all with private bathrooms.

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Not all hostels have big and dirty common bathrooms

One of the things that most of the guests do not like about hostels are the common bathrooms which, sometimes, because of the many people using them, they become dirty, clogged or… not so welcoming. At BOOK-A-REST Hostel in Bucharest, every room and every dorm has a private bathroom so you do not have to share it with tens of people but only with those you share the room with. Plus, we clean them every day so you can have a comfortable staying with us.

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All hostels offer free maps of the city

If the receptionists does not offer one (highly unlikely), do not forget to ask for one. Also, ask them to mark the address of the hostel on the map and some useful indications.

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Some hostels also have a bar or a pub or a restaurant

BOOK-A-REST Hostel in Bucharest has a bar in the backyard and it is a great place to spend the evenings. Sometimes, there a great parties happening there so do not hesitate to join them.


Reviews are very important

Most of the guests will decide to book a bed or a room in a hostel only after reading the reviews. It’s very important that former guests confirm  that the hostel is clean, safe, in a good location, if the staff is friendly, if there is free WIFI throughout the area. Therefore, do not forget to always leave a review on TripAdvisor about your staying at a hostel.

Why choose BOOK-A-REST Hostel

Located 900 meters away from the Old Town of Bucharest, BOOK-A-REST Hostel offers you comfortable accommodation in Bucharest. BOOK-A-REST Hostel in Bucharest has private rooms and dorms with private bathrooms, fully-equipped kitchen, inside and outside common lounges, a partner pub in our yard. For you to use while you enjoy your staying in our hostel in Bucharest, the WIFI is free and available throughout the rooms and common areas.