You have probably heard that Bucharest has become a hit for the travelers in the last years and there are plenty of reasons for why this has happened. Bucharest is a big city, the capital of Romania, with a great night life, cheap prices, different than many other European capitals, with friendly local people and good food. Plus, many tourists are also attracted by the many possibilities of day-trips or road trips you can make in Romania.

It’s something else

Even though Bucharest was also called The Little Paris (because of the architecture and the Dâmbovița river which is crossing the city), it still have its unique vibe and look. Some people associate it with the Eastern European feel, other just do not know how to describe it. For sure, Bucharest is special in its unique way that you will not find in any other place. You just have to see it and feel it for yourself.

The night life

Bucharest has been know for its night life because the bars, the pubs and the night clubs are open and crowded almost every night of the week and there is no closing hour. It does not matter if it’s a boring Tuesday night, you will always find a party or event to attend and you will not feel lonely. The Old Town of Bucharest is very lively.

The people

Is not that this article is written by a Romanian (wink wink!) but we are friendly and open minded and we do like to party and have a good time. Maybe the elders will not speak your language or English but they will help you if you need it and they will invite you to their home for dinner if they have the chance. Remember that it is a bad thing if you refuse food or drinks when you are in a Romanian house.

P.S. Yes, you can also get scammed in Romania but it does not happen more often than in any other place on Earth. Let’s not be paranoids.

The prices

Most of the tourists who visit Romania think that it is a very cheap destination. Yes, it can be very cheap or at least cheaper that many other touristic European countries. You can book a bed in a good hostel in Bucharest with only 10 Euros/night, have a beer with 1-2 Euros in a bar and a lunch with 3 courses with only 4-5 Euros in a restaurant in the Old Town of Bucharest.

Our hostel

BOOK-A-REST Hostel in Bucharest is that kind of place that makes you return to the city just to have a couple of more days there. The rooms are nice and clean, with private bathrooms, the staff is really nice and friendly, the back yard and the pub are great places to hand out and meet new people. And the parties… oh the parties! Find out more about it here> BOOK-A-REST Hostel in Bucharest

The food

It’s a lot, it’s tasty, fat, with a lot of meat and sauces, it goes alongside with a lot of alcohol drinks – this is the Romanian food. You will love it, it will make you gain some extra kilos but you will love it so just enjoy it. There are some good traditional restaurants in Bucharest – ask for recommendation at our reception.

The history lesson

For those interested in the history of Romania and Eastern Europe or history in general, a trip to Bucharest can be very interesting. There are plenty of museums you can visit or you can explore the city or country with a good guide who can help you with the information you need.

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The possibilities

From Bucharest, you can rent a car or take a train or bus to explore more of the country. You can take a day trip to Peleș Castle or Bran Castle or you can plan a longer road trip to Transilvania. The villages, the Danube Delta, the traditional churches, the local food – there are plenty of reasons to explore Romania after a city break in Bucharest.

Why choose BOOK-A-REST Hostel

Located 900 meters away from the Old Town of Bucharest, BOOK-A-REST Hostel offers you comfortable accommodation in Bucharest. BOOK-A-REST Hostel in Bucharest has private rooms and dorms with private bathrooms, fully-equipped kitchen, inside and outside common lounges, a partner pub in our yard. For you to use while you enjoy your staying in our hostel in Bucharest, the WIFI is free and available throughout the rooms and common areas.